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Portable Baby Changing Station Clutch Unfolds to Changing Matt with Diaper and Mobile Phone/Personal Item Storage

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Benefits of Baby Changing Station Clutch Bag

Perfect portable Baby Changing Station that provides suitable protection for your baby, as well as carrying the essential products to clean your loved one.  Suitable for newborn babies until potty trained.

No more searching your stroller bag for all the necessary items to take into the changing room when you are out and about.  No more stress in remembering all the items required to change your diaper.   This baby changing station provides you with peace of mind by keeping all the essential baby changing items in one place.

The ultimate diaper changing tool makes baby changing easy-no matter where you go. Our ultra-convenient clutch features a wipe-clean and built-in pillow. The large mesh pocket holds up to four diapers plus creams and other essentials, while the front zippered pocket is perfect for keys, cell phone or other personal items. Simply drop the Clutch Baby Changing Station in your bag.

  • Easy to Use:  Use only one hand to open up and prepare the baby changing station, whilst using your other hand to keep your baby safe.
  • Built-in Pillow: To give your baby extra comfort, the head section has been padded with a pillow, come with diaper changing pad make you comfortably and hygienically change your baby's diaper no matter where you are
  • Large Storage Pockets: Expandable mesh pocket that holds essentials like cream or ointment, zippered inside pocket for diapers and a zippered outer pocket for mom's personal items like phone and keys
  • Waterproof Surface: The surface easily wipes clean and is extra wide where it counts, helping prevent your baby’s poop from making a mess of the surface underneath
  • Super Portable: Lightweight and folding up into its own carry bag, the convenient strap allows you to easily attach your diapering kit to your stroller, baby carrier, or diaper bag
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: We provide 30 DAYS MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE

Perfect Gift for any New Parents:


  • Any new parent would love to receive this gift as a practical and thoughtful item for getting their newborn ready for the great outdoors.   
  • Gives the new parents peace-of-mind knowing all the items required for cleaning their baby is in one place, as well as having an external pocket to store items such as mobile phone (in case they need to call anyone whilst in a baby changing room).


Fabric & Care:

  • Various Materials include Polyester
  • Spot clean with damp cloth and mild soap.


FREE SHIPPING:  Please NOTE due to extremely high demand, this product can take up to 3-4 weeks.


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